1.Information privacy on registration. The information user inputted during registration will be kept and stored depending on the level of information and/or the use of privet policy by the user. Some information are displayed publicly. Such information are user name and or your e-mail. Other you may decide to show or not in your privacy options.Such information include phone-number,address,surname,age. We’re not responsible for your use of your privacy options,please choose wisely what you want to display.
2.Information privacy after registrationAfter registration you may fill out additional information in your profile. Those profiles will be public for everyone to use. If you to keep your profile for individual use only you may fill out privacy settings under your profile. Your information that you wish to keep safe will be kept with care, but wherever you want to provide us with additional information is entirely optional to you.
3.MessagesYou may sent messages to your friends who are listed in your profile. Note that even if you have deleted your message,it is only one sided deleted. Use messages carefully to avoid problems. We’renot responsible for any messages sent,we are only keeping the messages as a safety issue.
4.CookiesWe do support the usage of cookies to provide a better online experience and for your convenience.But at the same time ,we are not responsible for any third party cookie programs or any other information that you might have lost by the usage of cookies. If you wise to clear cookies or block cookies from your account,please use your local options. We’re not responsible for your account keepsake ,so please protect your own account as it is already your property. You may clear your cookies any time you wish,but we’re not responsible for any information lost with clearing third party cookies.
5.Third Party PolicyWe do have third party support for your comfort and convenience with our products,but all third party’s are other individual developers who are only partly collaborating with us for your use.We’re not responsible for any third party programthat may have caused any type of damage to your account. Please use third party applications with personal care. Third party apps might bring cookies into your account,for more information please see part 4 of this policy:cookies. We hope you may have a comfortable time with our third party options,you may change the options if wanted in the «options» part of your account.
6.Public InfoWe promise not to use any information of our users for any commercial reasons of profit reasons.User info are safety stored in our drive.Although we do have safe keeping responsibility for your info,we are still not responsible in any way for your posting of your info or the leaking of information from third party’s.